Gray is a Great Color

Gray color is one of my favorite colors I always go to when I want to look stylish, but casual. This was one of those times. -)

I want to thank Kenra Professional for having one of my best hair days!

Grey StreetStyle 2 3 4 5 6 7

Similar Outfit Layout

Gray is a great color!

Chaus pull on pants

Topshop slip on shoes
$26 –

Fallon leather necklace

My Outfit with White Jeans

I like wearing white color and I love wearing jeans. Combine the two together, and you have a great start for a perfect outfit! -)



White Jeans as an Inspiration




Similar Outfit Layout

White Jeans as an Inspiration


Grey top
$14 –

Burberry skinny jeans
$250 –

Choker jewelry

Favorite Color for Summer

Just like every woman should have a little black dress, to find your favorite white dress is as important. I think I just found mine! -)

I added nude accessories and sandals to it, so the main accent is still on the dress.

White Dress for Summer IMG_5236fMIMG_5219fM IMG_5232fMIMG_5237-2fM IMG_5258fM

Here are some examples How To Look Great in Summer Dress. 

How to Look Great in Summer Dress


Tory Burch beach dress

Raye wedge sandals
$115 –

Tony Bianco laptop purse
$80 –

Prada pink bag

Luxury Cat Hammock by Pet Magasin Review

As many of you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, I have two cats, black and white. Just like in fairy tales, you have good and bad…that’s how my cats are. -) The black one is bossy and arrogant and the white one is sweet and friendly. However, I still like both of them the same (kinda) and spoil them equally with treats and toys.

I was excited to receive the hammock for my cats to try out. I couldn’t even imagine that cats need that too, but it just sounds like such a cool way to spoil my cats.

Luxury Cat Hammock

When I received the hammock, I was excited to put it together immediately, but got disappointed as the instructions were missing. However, piece by piece, without the instructions, it wasn’t difficult to figure out how to put it together.

Before I tell you about my cats’ experience with this Luxury Cat Hammock, I would like to introduce you to the company that created it.




PetMagasin is a small company that specializes in quality and affordability when it comes to products for our pets. They spend countless hours in developing, sourcing, and testing their products. Their primary concerns are that everything they make is safe for pets and their owners, a quality item, and has great value for the price.

Their product, Luxury Cat Hammock, looks great and sturdy. The frame is made from beautiful maple hardwood; and other materials include sturdy hooks and chain of polished steel. It’s bigger than I thought it would be, and is great for small cats, as well as for large ones. To make it even more special, it has a very soft blanket that my cats really like to lay on.

Hammock1 (2)

As my hammock was assembled and I was proud of myself, it was turn for my cats to try it out. .as I transferred my sleepy cat to the hammock, he looked relaxed and comfortable, and continued sleeping there for good 15 min. But when he tried to move, he just fell over. My next few tries to put him back on the hammock were not successful; as he didn’t seem to know how to keep his balance and kept flipping over. -)

Hammock1 (5)

Hammock1 (6)

After a while, I noticed my white and black cat taking their naps under it, then next to it…but they haven’t really gotten on top of it, unless I put my white cat there while he’s very sleepy.

Hammock1 (3)

My verdict would be that the hammock is a good-quality sturdy product, but cats prefer to lie under it rather than on top of it. The bed is not stable enough for my cats to get on it and balance. If there were two chains on both sides holding the fabric instead of one on each side, that would make the hammock easier to balance and I am sure my cats would enjoy and use it much more.

To spoil your cat, you can purchase the Luxury Cat Hammock on or Amazon (

Use CODE: 5F2WSQO4 to receive 30%OFF!!!

Hammock1 (4)

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Can You Go Wrong with White?

My answer is No. I love matching white accessories with jeans. It’s just such a clean and refreshing combination. I especially love wearing this combo when I have a nice Summer tan on. -)

Beautiful match of jeans and white accessories





Similar Layout

You Can Go Wrong with White!


Off shoulder top
$220 –

JunaRose elastic waist jeans
$48 –

White shoes
$42 –

Miu Miu leather purse
$805 –

Fun Street-Style Look

Running some errands today, and wearing my favorite sandals of all. They are from BCBGMAXAZRIA and the most comfortable ones so far. I always get at least one compliment when I wear them.

Bought them a while ago, and wanted to buy at least a few more pairs, since I really like them. Unfortunately, can’t find them in stock anywhere.

My Fun Street Style!




Summer is Here!

Here is my sunny post for a Summer outfit I wore to church. As you noticed, I love midi full skirts. I choose them with a defined thick belt, which makes me look skinnier. The top is always well fitted, and the accessories add a touch of elegance. Voila! -)
Summer Dressy outfit

I wore: Skirt (similar) – ASOS, Top (similar)- ASOS here and here,  Shoes (similar)- Jessica Simpson, Clutch (similar)- Coach, Bracelet- Midori Linea by Sakura (enter code: OLYACREATIVE for 20%OFF)



4fMI am wearing the MidoriLinea bracelet! They add a sophisticated and delicate touch to the look, making it perfection.

Visit Midori Linea by Sakura, and see their beautiful handmade jewelry from handchains, bracelets, earrings to trendy chokers.

ENTER code: OLYACREATIVE and get 20% OFF any piece of jewelry from




Top 5 of Kenra Professional Hairsprays

Kenra Professional® is a purely professional brand that offers a complete range of high-performance products that gives stylists the confidence to address every client’s need. These past few weeks my daughter and I were those clients.

Kenra Hairspray

I was happy to receive and try each of Kenra’s top hairsprays! I got a package of 5 total hair products in my mail:

– Kenra Platinum HiDEF Hairspray 16
– Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26
– Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13
– Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30
– Kenra Volume Spray 25

As it turned out, it was a perfect combination of hairsprays to see how similar and different they work, and to find the one that works best for my hair.

Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13

Kenra (2)

I liked how Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13 kept the shape of my hair and was easy to brush through. I curled my hair with a curling iron and used Medium Spray to finish up styling it. As a result, there were no hard curls. My hair still felt soft, light, and looked wavy.Kenra (3)

Kenra Volume Spray 25

Kenra (4)

Kenra Volume Spray 25 has a super hold for 120 hours! It’s also 24 hour humidity resistant and wind resistant up to 25 MPH! Those are some impressive numbers!

Kenra (5)

It does have a strong hold and flake-free. I imagine this would be the best hairspray to use if I am going to a wedding at the beach.

Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30

Kenra (6)

Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30 means hairspray and shine in one. This hair product is long-lasting and has an ultra-firm hold. It will ensure that your hair will stay in place for many hours. It’s also flake-free and humidity resistant. Perfect if you want your hairdo to last long, especially where I live, in a humid place like Florida.

Kenra (7)

Kenra Platinum HiDEF Spray 16

Kenra (8)

HiDEF Hairspray 16 is a light-defusing finishing spray that holds undone styles with a matte finish. It sets the texture, body and fullness. I like how natural and fresh my hair is. However, because I prefer my hair shiny, I still added shine as a final touch. -)

Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26

Kenra (9)

Finishing Spray 26 provides maximum control with long-lasting lift and style retention. This hair product is my favorite, and I did use it more often than any other ones. It’s fast-drying, humidity resistant, and has my favorite feature…it has high shine!

I usually wear my hair down, and most of the time it’s straightened with a flat iron. This hairspray does keep my hair with a nice volume and is humidity-resistant. My favorite part is that it leaves my or my daughter’s hair slick and shiny.   Kenra (10) Kenra (11)

To summarize, all five hair products worked great on my and my daughter’s hair. I have a favorite, but not because it performed better than the other, it’s because this specific one works the best for the hair style I wear the most. From now on, Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26 is my go to every day hairstyle product.

Kenra (12)

Prior to this try-out, I honestly didn’t think much about why there are so many different hairsprays. I thought the only difference was how strong they were. Now I see why there are  so many choices of hairsprays, because many things are taken into consideration. All you have to do is to decide which hairspray suits best the style you are going for…whether you want a dressy hairstyle that will last for many hours or natural loose curls, shiny and slick hair or matte and with texture, etc.

Kenra Professional is here to help you. It offers you great products to choose from! And the products are amazing!

#SponsoredPost, but the opinions are mine and honest

Red Dress is All You Need

I always thought that red is not my color… that, no matter what shade of red I’m wearing, it just does not look good on me. Because of that, I had only a few red garments in my closet for many years, and didn’t wear them often at all.

Well, this red dress from ZARA proved me wrong. Red is a very attractive color, especially when paired with black! I like how this color gives life to the outfit, and of course makes the dress the main focal point of the whole look. Thanks to the very high black heels by Jessica Simpson, the dress doesn’t look baggy and I look tall! -)

Here is another best part… the MidoriLinea bracelets! They add a sophisticated and delicate touch to the look, making it perfection.

Visit Midori Linea by Sakura, and see their beautiful handmade jewelry from handchains, bracelets, earrings to trendy chokers.

ENTER code: OLYACREATIVE and get 20% OFF any piece of jewelry from

Red Dress from ZARA

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1 (3)

1 (2)1 (6)1 (5)

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