Reflecting My Style with Modani

Today I want to introduce you to Modani. It’s a store with a wide range of furniture and accessories in a contemporary style. Their modern furniture stores are located all over the United States.

I was inspired to create a mood board for a living room that would reflect my style. I created two boards, and had no idea it would be so much fun!

Creating a board was very similar to putting an outfit together. I started with the main piece – furniture (sofa in this case), then went with a secondary color and chose a rug. Lastly, I added accessories to the room to complete the interior.

Accessories may not seem as an important part of a design, but they do play a very significant part in any interior. They can help balancing out the colors, add harmony to the color palette in the room, and they can easily create an interest by adding a pop of a complementary or, even more interesting, unexpected color in design.

My Modern Painting

As far back as I can remember, I have always been very interested in art and creativity. As a young girl in my village, I would occupy my time with drawing, and in school I always enjoyed lessons that included painting. I still enjoy drawing with my children and by myself too.

A few weeks ago, I was at Michael’s store, and decided there was nothing stopping me from painting with acrylic for the first time . My dream is to learn how to paint with oil, and acrylic is a perfect start-up.

When I started painting, all I knew is that I wanted to have lots of texture and complimentary colors in it, and maybe a tree, grass or flowers. As I was in the process, I was going along with what I felt like I wanted to see in the painting.

See the result below!


DIY Silver Bracelet

Here is an easy and cheap bracelet I made today. I used key chain rings, silver colored beads, and metal pins to make it. I think the bracelet is cute! You will see me wearing it with my outfits very soon. 🙂

 I also made a necklace a while ago using key chain rings and a simple silver chain. You can see me wearing it with my outfits in the photos below:

Have a great day!

My first hand-made jewelry

I saw these yellow glass beads at Walmart while shopping for groceries, and thought I would try to make my very own necklace. I bought three sets and payed $4 for each. It wasn’t as easy to make it as I envisioned, but it was a good experience. How do you like it? Be gentle with your comments please 🙂

Have a good day!

DIY vase

It was a month ago when I came up with this very simple vase DIY. I had a bouquet of pretty flowers that my husband gave me for my birthday. After a week or so the bouquet didn’t look as fresh, so I had to throw away most of the flowers. There were only few of them left after all, so I had to find something small to put them in. A simple glass was a perfect size!. 🙂

For this vase DIY I used: a glass, the yellow waxed paper (I believe that’s what it’s called) that the bouquet was originally wrapped in, yellow paper ribbon, and scissors.

Enjoy the weekend!


Barbie Balloon Dresses

This creative idea came to my 5 year old daughter this morning. I personally thought it was brilliant and creative of her! So, her birthday was just a few days ago, and we had a lot of balloons left that were not used for it. She decided to make dresses out of them for her new Barbie baby doll. The dresses looked just perfect on Barbie, and she looked very pretty in them! Check it out for yourself! 🙂

White t-shirt DIY

Here is my first DIY project. It is simple, fun, and easy to make.

You will need: a simple white t-shirt (I got mine in Walmart for $3.47); white lace; scissors, white needle/thread, and safety pins.

Before After 

Fun and easy!


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