GIVEAWAY! Win All 4 Products from The Hush collection!…and the Winner Is…

Have you read my previous post? Did you like the result? …

Then it’s time to try out the product for yourself!

Insta Giveaway

Participate in my GIVEAWAY for a chance to WIN all 4 products from the HUSH Collection!

The GIVEAWAY is on Instagram!

To ENTER, follow a few very easy steps:

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That’s ALL!

Hurry! The giveaway ends in 2 days!


Thank you All who participated in this Giveaway!!! We have the WINNER!

It’s Ashley @ashanderson316 

Winner  for SoCozy


Hairdo with French Braid

I was brushing my little girl’s hair when decided to do a classic french braid. I like braiding her hair in small sections, it makes the braid more interesting and detailed. When it was done, the hairstyle didn’t look complete to me. (See first photo) And so, I decided to make a pony tail with the braid and the rest of her hair.  I pulled her hair only half-way through a ponytail holder. It created a cute messy bun. If you want your braid to be messy, make sure your hair is dry when you braid it. That’s exactly why I didn’t get my girl’s hair wet, I like messy braids. 🙂

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Girly Do!

Decided to braid my little girl’s hair today…

Have a good day!

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