Happy 4th of July everyone!

Happy Birthday America! Today I’d like to share with you my simple, but cute nail art inspired by this special Independence Day!

I used blue and red nail polish to paint diagonally, then added a silver line to add a sparkle to my design.


Fall Nails Designs

Fall is here, and it’s time to think of some orange, brown, yellow and green color combinations for outfits as well as for nail designs.

My nail design today is simple and elegant. It’s not overly busy with colors and pattern, but it has a touch of Fall accent that makes it perfect for the season.

Spring-Inspired Nails

This nail art is inspired by Spring. I love this season. What can be prettier than green grass and beautiful flowers. All you need it blue nail polish as a base color, green or a few shades of green for depth, and whatever color you want your flowers to be. Cute and easy!

Black, Purple, and Red Nails

Gradual nail art is easy to create, but it does take a little more work than just applying a nail polish. This morning my children kept themselves busy while playing very nice and quiet in their room, and so I decided to do a nail post. Below are step-by-step pictures of how I made gradual nail art. The colors are great for an evening outing.


Click here, here and here to see other posts with Gradual Nail Art.

Polka Dot…Polka Dot Nails!

As you noticed, I love polka dot pattern. It is is classic, feminine and very elegant. Below are the Polka Dot looks I shared with you on my blog since its beginning. 

(Dress with polka-dot motif!, Outfit With Peplum Top, Shades Of Blue5 Days/5 Outfits with Boot-Cut Jeans!, Polka Dot is Here!, Date Night With My Husband, Inspired By Music)  

However, today’s post is about my polka dot nails! It was fun and easy to make it!

Here is what I needed to make the polka dot design” You can use any black and white polish, and this this Edge ArtBox. I bought it at Walmart for less than $5!

Ombre-Style Nails…and Enter GIVEAWAY Before it Ends in 11 Hours!!!


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Ombré nails are one of my favorite now. I like how easy it is to apply and it also looks pretty creative. You can do Ombré-style nails at home by mixing white polish with any dark color polish.  

To make it even easier on you, you can do what I did…I bought the Fing’rs Edge Ombre Kit. I applied two coats, and it literally took me 10 minutes to get this chic gradient nails.

Turn on your creative ideas, and play with these five colors from Fing’rs Edge Ombre Kit. See this video on how to create a gradual color fade on each nail using the sponge from the kit. Love Ombre nails! 



Spring-Inspired Nails

My nail design was inspired by my favorite season. I love Spring, new grass, fresh flowers, and all the optimism that comes with it every year. For the last couple of weeks, every morning when I look out the window, I see this beautiful peach tree with pink flowers all over. It brightens my day, and reminds me how many beautiful things are in the world. Unfortunately, there is evil and ugly things, but there are also so many things that are wonderful, so many people that are kind, so many places that are unforgetable. You just have to look around, notice, and appreciate them.

How I did it:

 Here are some inspirational quotes about Spring I would like to share with you:

Spring is when life’s alive in everything.” —Christina Rossetti

Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.”—Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

“An optimist is the human personification of spring.”—Susan J. Bissonette

It can’t be spring if your heart is filled with past failures.”- Byron Pulsifer

The quotes are from Beliefnet and Inspirational Quotes. Check out those websites, you can find other motivational phrases that will lift your spirit up. 🙂

As for my nail design, I used three nail polishes: Maybelline ColorShow 160 and 300, Flower NP1.

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