Rootie the Rootlifter by Voloom

I love long hair, but not just long hair…I love hair with volume. And so I was very excited to receive complimentary and try out a volumizing iron designed just for that specific purpose!

Rootie the Rootlifter is such a smart idea. Its checker-like surface when heated and used on the under layers of my hair, gives it an instant lift without backcombing! I was honestly getting tired of teasing my hair every time I styled it, but I will no longer have to do it.

Voloom RootlifterIMG_1999f

I love that I use less products on my hair now while styling it, but get even better results. The specific surface pattern of the Rootie the Rootlifter helps create that subtle texture in the under layers of my hair, which lifts the top layer of my hair up and gives it a perfect lasting volume.


I am honestly very happy that I found this iron and it is a “must” for me every time I style my hair! I definitely recommend it!


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