The Prettiest Dress to Wear for Holidays

So, this was my first time renting a dress for a party, and definitely not the last one! -)

It was my husband’s idea! Based on our previous experience, I buy a beautiful evening dress for a party, and wear in once or twice, well, three times the most…and then it just takes space in my closet. On one hand, I don’t want to get rid of it because it’s still new, on the other hand, I don’t want to wear it, as everyone saw me in it. I am funny like that! -)

I got this beautiful dress at Rent the Runway. Their customer service, fast shipping, and the dress itself, all of it was just wonderful! That beautiful evening, I wore an amazing Karma Drama gown for $1,595 dress to the party, and paid only $85 for 4 days! What a bargain!

As the holidays come, I definitely would recommend this place to you.

If you follow me on Instagram (@olyacreative), I bet you were one of the first ones who got to see me in that dress that same evening. -)

Rent The Runwayimg_1370-2 img_1428 img_1392-2 img_1345 Rent The Runway Rent The Runway

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