Valentine’s Day Outfit

Today is the day…Valentine’s Day. Many people are exchanging cards, gifts and flowers. And I will be happy to just eat chocolate …lots of it… with no guilt!
Did you know that Valentines’ Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century?

Love my MidoriLinea bracelets!

Happy Valentine's Day 2 3 4 5


Similar Outfit Layout

Valentine's Day Outfit


Helmut Lang long sleeve crop top
$625 –

Chicwish midi skirt

Christian Louboutin black pumps
$685 –

Andrea Fohrman 14k ring
$4,705 –

Outfit with a Black Crochet Skirt

I haven’t worn this black crochet skirt in a while, but last evening was perfect to do so. The soft pink color helped to highlight the beautiful texture of the skirt, while the over-sized statement black necklace added a stylish touch to it.

Outfit with a Black Crochet Skirt 2 3 4 5

Similar Outfit Layouts

Outfit with a Black Crochet Skirt


Long sleeve top
$51 –

Topshop pink crop top

Zibi London midi skirt
$41 –

Black stiletto

Miu Miu pearl clutch
$2,490 –

Diane Von Furstenberg glitter clutch
$165 –

Flat purse
$12 –

Stefanel rhinestone jewelry
$245 –

Streetstyle with Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are not really meant to look feminine and, because I like wearing them so much, today I matched them with dressy high heels, a fancy clutch and an over-sized necklace. It definitely added some cuteness to the look. -)

StreetStyle with Boyfriend Jeans IMG_3993-2 IMG_3995-2 IMG_4001-2 IMG_4002-2 IMG_4005-2

Similar Layout

StreetStyle with Boyfriend Jeans


New Skin Care for Eczema – SkinSmart Antimicrobial

Since my daughter was very tiny, her skin was always on a dry side. At times, it was so dry that we had to use hydro-cortisone. Now her skin is doing better, but not perfect yet, and so we always have to keep moisturizing cream on hand.

Just a few days ago, she complained that there are a few spots on her arms that itch, especially in the evenings. I noticed she scratched them and, after reading about the SkinSmart Antimicrobial Eczema Therapy, I decided to give it a try.
SkinSmart Antimicrobial
SkinSmart contains only pure, naturally-derived ingredients. And unlike topical steroids (cortisones), it can be used unlimited times throughout the day.It leaves zero residue on skin. lt is GREAT FOR KIDS AND BABIES!

We used it in the evening on the driest spots on her skin and in the morning she said it already looked much better and didn’t even itch. After a few days the dry spots were gone.
SkinSmart Antimicrobial
I am excited we got introduced to the SmartSkin Antimicrobial. I love the idea that it’s a spray, which allows the cleanser to spread evenly on the skin.
I just wish I had it when my daughter was little. At least, I am glad I have it now.
SkinSmart Antimicrobial
Right now this product is available in the following stores: Safeway, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilion, Tom Thumb, Randalls, Lunds/Bylerys. Also available on Amazon depending if weather is permitting (because the product cannot freeze).

You can also email the company at and they will tell you the closest store to you!

Sponsored by SkinSmart

My Leopard Shoes Obsession

I love leopard print, but not on garments. I prefer wearing leopard as an accessory, like shoes, purses or scarves. I also prefer wearing this classic print with black or olive green color. Military style with a touch of elegance is my style.

The leopard shoes I am wearing are from Dillards by Vince Camuto Talise, and they are my favorite at the moment.

Leopard Print Shoes 1a 2 4 4a 4a1 5 6

Here are the military street-style looks I created and I love:

My Leopard Shoes Obsession


Alice Olivia collar top
$910 –

Givenchy jacket

Fur jacket
$1,545 –

Maison Scotch olive jacket
$125 –

Jimmy Choo leopard print shoes

Sam Edelman high heel pumps
$83 –

A Perfect Color Combination

I always loved this color combination. The black leather adds a fun touch to my today’s streetstyle look. Love to be creative with my outfits! -)

My streetsyle look2 3 4 4a

Used Rootie the Rootlifter by @voloom to create some volume to my hair. Absolutely love this volumizing iron!

Hairstyle with Voloom

Similar Outfit Layout


A Perfect Color Combination


Sleeve top

Joseph stretch legging
$980 –

Jimmy Choo suede pumps
$575 –

Rootie the Rootlifter by Voloom

I love long hair, but not just long hair…I love hair with volume. And so I was very excited to receive complimentary and try out a volumizing iron designed just for that specific purpose!

Rootie the Rootlifter is such a smart idea. Its checker-like surface when heated and used on the under layers of my hair, gives it an instant lift without backcombing! I was honestly getting tired of teasing my hair every time I styled it, but I will no longer have to do it.

Voloom RootlifterIMG_1999f

I love that I use less products on my hair now while styling it, but get even better results. The specific surface pattern of the Rootie the Rootlifter helps create that subtle texture in the under layers of my hair, which lifts the top layer of my hair up and gives it a perfect lasting volume.


I am honestly very happy that I found this iron and it is a “must” for me every time I style my hair! I definitely recommend it!


Marine Inspired Look

Marine inspired pieces are not something I have a lot of in my wardrobe, but this nautical striped top works great with my light blue jeans. To make the outfit pop, I added little touches to it by using blue accessories!

Marine Style



Get Ready For Shaklee YOUTH Skin Care Set

I love trying new skincare products! That’s why I was so excited to receive a gift from Shaklee with some of their top beauty products. Their Shaklee Youth skin care set includes six products. All the products target and address aging at the cellular level of the skin, which is exactly why I was excited to use it.

Shaklee YOUTH

Shaklee YOUTH products are all 100% vegan and cruelty free. Their comprehensive “free of” list contains over 2,500 harmful chemicals and questionable ingredients that you will never find in any of their YOUTH products.

I’ve been using the products for a week now, and my skin feels more refreshed and smoother. The products are beautifully packages, and I love how their fresh scent.

Shaklee YOUTH

The four products of the Youth Activating BB Cream SPF30 are supposed to be used in steps. They correct, hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin with chemical free SPF30 sunscreen.

The Youth Activating Serum is the one I was especially looking forward to trying out, and I did like how refreshed and rejuvenate my skin feels.

And the best is the last…the product I absolutely love is the Radiance C+E.

Shaklee YOUTH

The packaging is beautiful, and it’s fun using the golden capsules once a day. It’s different, and you can be sure you are using the perfect amount of it. -)

It’s been only a week since I started using it, but my skin already appears to look brighter and feels smoother. I definitely want to continue using it, and I am sure I will see even better results.


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