Good mood and beautiful day! I love Florida!

Posting today another outfit I wore to church. It’s elegant and feminine with classic colors. I like how my pearl necklace dresses up my simple gray.

Similar Outfit Layout



Tiger of Sweden blouse
$230 - zalando.co.uk

Prom skirt
$28 - simplybe.co.uk

Whistles leather handbag
$400 - whistles.com

My Fancy Skirt

My outfit today is very feminine with an ombre skirt. The skirt is so cute and dressy that I am definitely bringing it with me on a little honeymoon with my husband. In just a couple of weeks we will have a few days getaway. We will stay at an amazing hotel at the beach…light breese, live music and candles. It will be beautiful! :-)

Reflecting My Style with Modani

Today I want to introduce you to Modani. It’s a store with a wide range of furniture and accessories in a contemporary style. Their modern furniture stores are located all over the United States.

I was inspired to create a mood board for a living room that would reflect my style. I created two boards, and had no idea it would be so much fun!

Creating a board was very similar to putting an outfit together. I started with the main piece – furniture (sofa in this case), then went with a secondary color and chose a rug. Lastly, I added accessories to the room to complete the interior.

Accessories may not seem as an important part of a design, but they do play a very significant part in any interior. They can help balancing out the colors, add harmony to the color palette in the room, and they can easily create an interest by adding a pop of a complementary or, even more interesting, unexpected color in design.

Fall Nails Designs

Fall is here, and it’s time to think of some orange, brown, yellow and green color combinations for outfits as well as for nail designs.

My nail design today is simple and elegant. It’s not overly busy with colors and pattern, but it has a touch of Fall accent that makes it perfect for the season.

Black, White and Stripes

I wore similar combination before, but really like black and white stripes. Added some gold to the look, and it looks elegant and stylish.

Similar Outfit Layout

Black, White and Stripes

Black tee
$66 - theiconic.com.au

Philipp plein jeans

Dune black patent pumps
$130 - johnlewis.com

Tory burch ring

Pleated Maxi Skirt

Wearing today a fun girly look. This pleated maxi skirt is from Forever21 and the brown top is from Cache. I love the addition of an oversized necklace(H&M) to the outfit. It makes a bold statement and helps create that noticeable look.

I don’t always like to combine green and black colors. It just feels more natural and organic to combine green with brown, as it remind me of Earth colors. However, since the skirt had a black waste, I decided to wear black shoes…the highest heeled ones, since the skirt is really long. :-)


Favorite Outfit for Church

I wore this outfit a few Sundays ago to church. I like how modest and cute it is. The full skirt is one of my favorite garments now, even more favorite than my pencil skirts. :-)

The addition of gold gives the look a lighter feel.

Black Turtleneck Top from Revolve and Crinkled Skirt from H&M


My Outfit for Sunday

It was a beautiful Sunday yesterday. We went to church first, and after we found this wonderful restaurant with an awesome view. What a nice place to have brunch!

As for my outfit, I wore a multi-colored dress from Forever21. As soon as I saw the dress at the store, I had no doubts I wanted it. It is so my style!

The blue purse (by Ivanka Trump) and the necklace were a great addition to the look, as it made a hint of a blue from the dress pop up. I can’t say that the sandals (by Jessica Simpson) I wore was the best choice for this outfit, but I really love how comfortable the shoes are. :-)

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